Selenium metabolism Selenoproteins (Danio rerio)

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3-5, 8-11SeCDietTrXThyroid hormonemetabolismAntioxidantenzymesnucleusGSHSec tRNA[ser]seccoding regionUnkownfunctionSeCmethyl transferasedemethylationPhosphoseryl-tRNA[ser](sec)AUGSe transportand storageSelenium binding proteinsSecsynthesisTranscription FactorsSTOPSeC BiosynthesisProtein foldingSelenoproteinsSeryl-tRNA[ser](sec)ORGANIC SeBody proteinsSe = Selenium, SeMet = SelenoMethionine, SeC = Selcysteine, H2Se = Selenide, GSH = gluthatione, Trx = ThioredoxinINORGANIC SeSelenocysteyl-tRNA secRedoxsignallingMethylSelenol MeSeHSeMetCystathionine g-lyasesepsecssars2dio2selt1agpx4aSelenophosphateH2SeSephs2sephPouf2f1Sep15Selenitesepx1GPX1fabp1arelaSeMetselenbp1CremNFKB-p105TXNRD1Selenatesepw1SBP2sps2dio1GPX6zgc:171514TXNRD2TXNRD3SelVzgc:136970DIO3eefsecSp1sepn1Pstkzgc:103591si:ch211-15i6.2sepmNfe2l2TXNRD2LOC557632Selenatetrnau1aplSBP2Sephs1TXNRD3rpl30SarseefsecUGASeCsp3GPX3TXNRD1GPX2Selenitejunsepp1aSBP2fosSeC2, 6, 71, 6


* Comments belonging to specific genes on the Selenoprotein pathway
    • TRXND3 gene: Although the geneID is correct, the sequence of this gene was guessed by analogy.
    • Cystathionine gamma-lyase is the mammalian form of bacterial methionine gamma-lyase
    • A selenoprotein database exists at:


This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP28(r30051) with a 50% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Cystathionine g-lyaseGeneProduct
GPX3GeneProduct798788 (Entrez Gene)
LOC557632GeneProduct557632 (Entrez Gene)
MethylSelenol MeSeHMetabolite
Nfe2l2GeneProduct360149 (Entrez Gene)
SarsGeneProduct445405 (Entrez Gene)
SeCMetaboliteHMDB0003288 (HMDB)
SeMetMetaboliteHMDB0003966 (HMDB)
SelenophosphateMetaboliteHMDB0006407 (HMDB)
Sep15GeneProduct352923 (Entrez Gene)
Sephs1GeneProduct324947 (Entrez Gene)
Sp1GeneProduct324109 (Entrez Gene)
TXNRD1GeneProduct352924 (Entrez Gene)
TXNRD3GeneProduct352925 (Entrez Gene)
dio1GeneProduct799937 (Entrez Gene)
dio2GeneProduct352937 (Entrez Gene)
eefsecGeneProduct641497 (Entrez Gene)
fabp1aGeneProduct791610 (Entrez Gene)
fosGeneProductENSDARG00000031683 (Ensembl)
gpx4aGeneProduct352928 (Entrez Gene)
junGeneProductENSDARG00000043531 (Ensembl)
relaGeneProduct415099 (Entrez Gene)
rpl30GeneProduct336713 (Entrez Gene)
sars2GeneProduct394154 (Entrez Gene)
selenbp1GeneProduct393542 (Entrez Gene)
selt1aGeneProduct352919 (Entrez Gene)
sephGeneProduct347743 (Entrez Gene)
sepmGeneProduct352913 (Entrez Gene)
sepn1GeneProduct352914 (Entrez Gene)
sepp1aGeneProduct352931 (Entrez Gene)
sepsecsGeneProduct393123 (Entrez Gene)
sepw1GeneProduct352915 (Entrez Gene)
sepx1GeneProduct352916 (Entrez Gene)
si:ch211-15i6.2GeneProduct558648 (Entrez Gene)
sp3GeneProduct558652 (Entrez Gene)
sps2GeneProduct352933 (Entrez Gene)
trnau1aplGeneProduct791478 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:103591GeneProduct791738 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:136970GeneProduct735249 (Entrez Gene)
zgc:171514GeneProduct559537 (Entrez Gene)

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