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2, 1512191751825161310, 2620417148276, 29TBReactionBBBindingBNucleotide biosynthesisInterconversionINTRACELULARBNegative effectPositive effectTTransportBUnspecified effectUnspecified interactionBBMain functionsBFormation of methionineMETABOLITETransformationBBCompetitionBBGeneric enzymeConversionIEBBTBBBBCNSynthesis of cholineTBTBBINORGANIC IONBTTPLASMABBBBFormation of HemeInfluence on expressionTTBGPX1Uric acidL-Glutamic acidALOX5GPX 3 PTGISNADPAscorbic acidCalciumVitamin B12Leukotriene C4O2PNPOPGD2KMOC22:5 (n-6)IronSEPX1Leukotriene F4THASHypoxanthineNADPThioredoxinPGI2GPX 4MTRTTAA (n-6)2-Ketobutyric acidALA (n-3)RiboflavinEPA (n-3)ALA (n-3)S-Adenosylhomocysteine GlycineC22:5 (n-6)ZincPGFSCarnitineCobalaminPGE2L-MethionineAA (n-6)Leukotriene B4Tromboxane A2PTGDSLeukotrieneE4CholineAdipic acidSOD1MTHFRTCN1GlutathioneTryptophanGPX2CobalaminCATLipoic acidCopperManganeseTRXR 3GlycineUric acid1-methylnicotinamideThromboxane A2PGE3IronZincSerineNADPHd4 desaturasePGH3PGG2CalciumGSHRa Tocopherol5,10-METHYL-THFDHA (n-3)TXNRD2PGE25-HPETEH2O2a-tocopherolPTGES15-HETESeleniumVitamin B12CBSH2OGlutathione disulfideS-AdenosylmethionineMethionine sulfoxideXanthinePyridoxal-5'-phosphateLeukotriene D4FOLIC ACIDSerinePyridoxal-5'-phosphatePGH2NiacinLA (n-6)HomocysteineBetaineFOLIC ACIDCOX2CysteineFADAscorbic acidLeukotriene D4LeukotrieneE4EndoperoxidaseGPX 61-MethylnicotinamideS-Adenosylmethionine 5,10-METHYL-THFNicotinamidePGD2NADPH2-Ketobutyric acidLipoxin A4XDHPGI2Adipic acid 15-HETEDHA (n-3)L-Glutamic acidLipoxin A4ROSEPA (n-3)HomocysteineSELKBHypoxanthineMethionineCNEthanolamineLipoxin B4Methylmalonic acidThromboxane B2d5 desaturasePGF2aCOX1Leukotriene C4TXNRD1HemeLeukotriene B4PGG3Methylmalonic acid Leukotriene A4CopperPGF2aLA (n-6)S-Adenosylhomocysteine SEPW1FMN1CysteineiPF2-alphaFADS2SeleniumF2-IsoprostaneTGlutathioneBEthanolamineCystathioneIE2411233, 2221289


The folic acid-centred micronutrient biological network. The most relevant biochemical processes related to folic acid in the context of metabolism, oxidation and inflammation are represented. Also, the compartmental separation (intracellular vs. plasma) is presented, identifying the folic acid centred plasma metabolome.


This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP176(r30153) with a 53% conversion rate.

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
1-MethylnicotinamideMetaboliteHMDB00699 (HMDB)
1-methylnicotinamideMetaboliteHMDB00699 (HMDB)
15-HETEMetaboliteHMDB11134 (HMDB)
2-Ketobutyric acidMetaboliteHMDB00005 (HMDB)
5,10-METHYL-THFMetaboliteHMDB01396 (HMDB)
5-HPETEMetaboliteHMDB01193 (HMDB)
AA (n-6)MetaboliteHMDB01043 (HMDB)
ALA (n-3)MetaboliteHMDB01388 (HMDB)
ALOX5Protein477753 (Entrez Gene)
Adipic acid MetaboliteHMDB00448 (HMDB)
Adipic acidMetaboliteHMDB00448 (HMDB)
Ascorbic acidMetaboliteHMDB00044 (HMDB)
BetaineMetaboliteHMDB00043 (HMDB)
C22:5 (n-6)MetaboliteHMDB01976 (HMDB)
CATProtein403474 (Entrez Gene)
CBSProtein611071 (Entrez Gene)
COX1Protein804478 (Entrez Gene)
COX2Protein804479 (Entrez Gene)
CalciumMetaboliteHMDB00464 (HMDB)
CarnitineMetaboliteHMDB00062 (HMDB)
CholineMetaboliteHMDB00097 (HMDB)
CobalaminMetaboliteHMDB02174 (HMDB)
CopperMetaboliteHMDB00657 (HMDB)
CystathioneMetaboliteHMDB00099 (HMDB)
CysteineMetaboliteHMDB00574 (HMDB)
DHA (n-3)MetaboliteHMDB02183 (HMDB)
EPA (n-3)MetaboliteHMDB01999 (HMDB)
EthanolamineMetaboliteHMDB00149 (HMDB)
F2-IsoprostaneMetaboliteHMDB04659 (HMDB)
FADMetabolite703 (PubChem-compound)
FADS2Protein483792 (Entrez Gene)
FMN1GeneProduct342184 (Entrez Gene)
FOLIC ACIDMetaboliteHMDB00121 (HMDB)
GPX 3 Protein
GPX 4Protein
GPX 6Protein
GPX1Protein442961 (Entrez Gene)
GPX2Protein480356 (Entrez Gene)
GSHRProteinType your comment here
Glutathione disulfideMetabolite65359 (PubChem-compound) Type your comment here
GlutathioneMetaboliteHMDB00125 (HMDB)
GlycineMetaboliteHMDB00123 (HMDB)
H2O2MetaboliteHMDB03125 (HMDB)
H2OMetaboliteHMDB02111 (HMDB)
HemeMetaboliteHMDB03178 (HMDB)
HomocysteineMetaboliteHMDB00742 (HMDB)
HypoxanthineMetaboliteHMDB00157 (HMDB)
IronMetaboliteHMDB00692 (HMDB)
KMOProtein480093 (Entrez Gene)
L-Glutamic acidMetaboliteHMDB00148 (HMDB)
L-MethionineMetaboliteHMDB00696 (HMDB)
LA (n-6)MetaboliteHMDB00673 (HMDB)
Leukotriene A4MetaboliteHMDB01337 (HMDB)
Leukotriene B4MetaboliteHMDB01085 (HMDB)
Leukotriene C4MetaboliteHMDB01198 (HMDB)
Leukotriene D4MetaboliteHMDB03080 (HMDB)
Leukotriene F4Metabolite
LeukotrieneE4MetaboliteHMDB02200 (HMDB)
Lipoic acidMetaboliteHMDB01451 (HMDB)
Lipoxin A4MetaboliteHMDB04385 (HMDB)
Lipoxin B4MetaboliteHMDB05082 (HMDB)
MTHFRProtein478230 (Entrez Gene)
MTRProtein479190 (Entrez Gene)
ManganeseMetaboliteHMDB01333 (HMDB)
Methionine sulfoxideMetaboliteHMDB02005 (HMDB)
MethionineMetaboliteHMDB00696 (HMDB)
Methylmalonic acid MetaboliteHMDB00202 (HMDB)
Methylmalonic acidMetaboliteHMDB00202 (HMDB)
NADPHMetaboliteHMDB00221 (HMDB)
NADPMetaboliteHMDB00217 (HMDB)
NiacinMetaboliteHMDB01406 (HMDB)
NicotinamideMetabolite936 (PubChem-compound)
O2MetaboliteHMDB01377 (HMDB)
PGD2MetaboliteHMDB01403 (HMDB)
PGE3MetaboliteHMDB02664 (HMDB)
PGF2aMetaboliteHMDB01139 (HMDB)
PGG2MetaboliteHMDB03235 (HMDB)
PGH2MetaboliteHMDB01381 (HMDB)
PGI2MetaboliteHMDB01335 (HMDB)
PNPOProtein480540 (Entrez Gene)
PTGDSProtein403740 (Entrez Gene)
PTGESProtein480698 (Entrez Gene)
PTGISProtein485919 (Entrez Gene)
Pyridoxal-5'-phosphateMetaboliteHMDB01491 (HMDB)
RiboflavinMetaboliteHMDB00244 (HMDB) Type your comment here
S-Adenosylhomocysteine MetaboliteHMDB00939 (HMDB)
S-Adenosylmethionine MetaboliteHMDB01185 (HMDB)
S-AdenosylmethionineMetaboliteHMDB01185 (HMDB)
SELKProtein476586 (Entrez Gene)
SEPW1Protein612109 (Entrez Gene)
SEPX1Protein611032 (Entrez Gene)
SOD1Protein403559 (Entrez Gene)
SeleniumMetaboliteHMDB01349 (HMDB)
SerineMetaboliteHMDB00187 (HMDB)
TGeneProduct403653 (Entrez Gene)
TCN1Protein612538 (Entrez Gene)
TRXR 3Protein
TXNRD1Protein474536 (Entrez Gene)
TXNRD2Protein608155 (Entrez Gene)
ThioredoxinGeneProduct7295 (Entrez Gene)
Thromboxane A2MetaboliteHMDB01452 (HMDB)
Thromboxane B2MetaboliteHMDB03252 (HMDB)
Tromboxane A2MetaboliteHMDB01452 (HMDB)
TryptophanMetaboliteHMDB00929 (HMDB)
Uric acidMetaboliteHMDB00289 (HMDB)
Vitamin B12MetaboliteHMDB00607 (HMDB)
XDHProtein483028 (Entrez Gene)
XanthineMetaboliteHMDB00292 (HMDB)
ZincMetaboliteHMDB01303 (HMDB)
a TocopherolMetaboliteHMDB01893 (HMDB)
a-tocopherolMetaboliteHMDB01893 (HMDB)
d4 desaturaseProtein
d5 desaturaseProtein
iPF2-alphaMetaboliteHMDB04659 (HMDB)

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