Cytoplasmic Ribosomal Proteins (Canis familiaris)

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This pathway was inferred from Homo sapiens pathway WP477(r21684) with a 78% conversion rate.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
FAUGeneProduct483748 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
LOC480464GeneProduct480464 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
LOC480716GeneProduct480716 (Entrez Gene) Also known as L16e. E. coli L11.
LOC485132GeneProduct485132 (Entrez Gene) Also known as L33e. No E. coli homologue.
LOC608929GeneProduct608929 (Entrez Gene)
MRPL19GeneProduct475780 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L19
RPL10GeneProduct481085 (Entrez Gene)
RPL10AGeneProduct474884 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L1
RPL11GeneProduct475080 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L5
RPL13GeneProduct479612 (Entrez Gene)
RPL13AGeneProduct403680 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L13
RPL15GeneProduct477046 (Entrez Gene)
RPL17LGeneProduct480221 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L22
RPL18GeneProduct480848 (Entrez Gene)
RPL18AGeneProduct476672 (Entrez Gene)
RPL19GeneProduct403682 (Entrez Gene)
RPL21GeneProduct608838 (Entrez Gene)
RPL22GeneProduct479587 (Entrez Gene)
RPL23GeneProduct403683 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L14
RPL23AGeneProduct476799 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L23
RPL24GeneProduct478547 (Entrez Gene)
RPL26GeneProductE. coli L24
RPL27GeneProduct403688 (Entrez Gene)
RPL27AGeneProduct479004 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L15
RPL28GeneProduct476378 (Entrez Gene)
RPL29GeneProduct476601 (Entrez Gene)
RPL3GeneProductE. coli L3
RPL30GeneProduct480751 (Entrez Gene) Also known as L25e.
RPL31GeneProduct610034 (Entrez Gene)
RPL32GeneProduct607481 (Entrez Gene) Also known as S22e.
RPL35GeneProduct480729 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L29
RPL35AGeneProduct478597 (Entrez Gene)
RPL36GeneProduct476738 (Entrez Gene)
RPL36AGeneProduct480987 (Entrez Gene)
RPL37AGeneProduct478904 (Entrez Gene)
RPL3LGeneProduct490065 (Entrez Gene)
RPL4GeneProductalso known as L1e. No E. coli homologue
RPL5GeneProduct479949 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L18
RPL6GeneProduct612604 (Entrez Gene)
RPL7GeneProduct477912 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L30
RPL7AGeneProduct403678 (Entrez Gene)
RPL8GeneProduct475130 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L2
RPL9GeneProduct479109 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L6
RPLP0GeneProduct609159 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L10.
RPLP1GeneProduct478356 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L7/L12
RPLP2GeneProduct475991 (Entrez Gene) E. coli L7/L12
RPS11GeneProduct403684 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S17
RPS12GeneProduct476206 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS13GeneProduct610820 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S15
RPS14GeneProduct403690 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S11
RPS15GeneProduct476753 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S19
RPS15AGeneProduct481476 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S8
RPS16GeneProduct476463 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S9
RPS17GeneProduct403681 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS18GeneProduct403685 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S13
RPS19GeneProduct476450 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS20GeneProduct477887 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S10
RPS21GeneProduct485959 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS23GeneProduct479159 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S12
RPS2GeneProduct479886 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S5
RPS25GeneProduct479412 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS26GeneProduct474395 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS27GeneProduct490449 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS27AGeneProduct474599 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS28GeneProduct485010 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS29GeneProduct610596 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S14
RPS3GeneProduct476804 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S3
RPS3AGeneProduct403677 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS4XGeneProduct403893 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS4Y2GeneProduct480276 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS5GeneProduct476366 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S7
RPS6GeneProduct474722 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS6KA1GeneProduct487353 (Entrez Gene)
RPS6KA2GeneProduct612448 (Entrez Gene)
RPS6KA3GeneProduct491768 (Entrez Gene)
RPS6KA6GeneProduct491989 (Entrez Gene)
RPS6KB1GeneProduct480580 (Entrez Gene)
RPS6KB2GeneProduct610499 (Entrez Gene)
RPS7GeneProduct475649 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS8GeneProduct475381 (Entrez Gene) No E. coli homologue
RPS9GeneProduct476387 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S4
RPSAGeneProduct612908 (Entrez Gene) E. coli S2
UBA52GeneProduct403722 (Entrez Gene)

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