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Watch a pathway

If you are interested in a pathway and want to keep track of when and by who it is edited, you can add it to your watchlist. This page shows a summary of changes made to the pathways you are watching. To add a pathway to your watchlist, go to the pathway page and click the 'watch' tab at the top of the page. When someone edits the pathway or pathway page, it will appear in your watchlist.

E-mail notifications

By default, you will receive an email notification when a pathway in your watchlist is edited. You can change this default in your preferences page and in the E-mail section, uncheck the E-mail me when a page I'm watching is changed box.

Stop watching a pathway

When you want to stop watching the pathway, click unwatch tab at the top of the page you want to stop watching.

Use our RSS feed

To keep track of changes at WikiPathways, you can also use our RSS feed.

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