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Introductory tutorial

The following pages show you step-by-step how to draw a simplified version of the Statin pathway.

Advanced tutorials

WikiPathways and PathVisio

A set of tutorials and videos describing how to access and edit WikiPathways from PathVisio, using the WikiPathways Client Plugin:

Extend and layout pathways using Cytoscape

Cytoscape is a tool for network visualization and analysis. In the following tutorials we will highlight some of the Cytoscape functionality that is relevant for the pathways as used on WikiPathways. For tutorials of other Cytoscape features, visit OpenTutorials. The following tutorials will show a few Cytoscape apps at work: WikiPathways, CyTargetLinker and Mosaic.

Analyzing data with PathVisio

These tutorials show you how to use WikiPathways in PathVisio for data analysis.

Commonly used terms

The panel containing the Properties and Backpage tabs (see screenshot 1B).
Drawing area
The area on which the pathway is drawn (see screenshot 1A).
Property table
The table where you can edit properties of the currently selected object(s). The property

table is located in the sidepanel under the tab named 'Properties'.

Backpage browser
A panel that gives detailed annotation info on the currently selected DataNode. The Backpage browser

is located in the sidepanel under the tab named 'Backpage'.

see screenshot 1C.
Displays information about the pathway (see screenshot 1D).
Screenshot 1: the editor applet
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