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WikiPathways is a Wiki for biological pathways. In the “tradition” of Wikipedia and other wiki platforms, WikiPathways is intended to be an open, public space for content editing dedicated to biological pathways, facilitating the contribution and maintenance of pathway information from the scientific community. Learn more about the WikiPathways project here.

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Browse and search pathways

You can view the current pathways at WikiPathways without a user account. For more information on browsing and searching pathways, click here.

Create an account

To edit pathways or contribute new pathways, you need an account. To start contributing to WikiPathways, sign-up by creating an account. Once you have created an account, you can customize your user page with relevant information, such as your affiliation, contact information etc. To edit your user page, click on your user name at the top of any WikiPathways page.


To get started with WikiPathways, view our interactive tutorials.

Contribute to WikiPathways

Pathways in WikiPathways can be edited by anyone. You can also contribute new pathways to WikiPathways. To start editing, see the New Contributors Quickstart, read more about Editing, learn how to edit pathways in the WikiPathways plugin in PathVisio, or try editing the Sandbox pathway.


Questions or comments about a particular pathway can be entered on the Talk page of the pathway. Use this to ask questions and for general discussions about the pathway. If you have questions about using WikiPathways that are not answered in the Help or Frequently Asked Questions, contact the WikiPathways Google group.

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