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The backbone of WikiPathways is made up of databases. The gene, protein and metabolite databases supporting pathway objects provide connections to well defined and annotated biological entities. The databases of WikiPathways derive from the BridgeDb system as Java-embedded Derby databases. BridgeDb is an ID mapping framework for bioinformatics applications.

To the right, you'll find the current list of supported species at WikiPathways. Below, you'll learn about the resources used to build the databases and the potential for additional species support by request.

If you have a favorite species of interest for a pathway curation effort, let us know! If you want to do analysis on species closely related to supported species with pathway content, let us know, and we can help come up with an efficient approach.

Current databases are based on Ensembl Release 91 (Dec 2017)
and Ensembl Genomes release 39 (Apr 2018)
Metabolites database have been created from HMDB, Chebi and Wikidata on the 2018-05-08
Interactions database from Rhea release 93 on the 2018-04-25.
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