Curation Jamboree Oct 2013

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Join us for a curation jamboree!

We are organizing our next curation event to improve the quality and extent of our pathways. Curation events are open to all registered WikiPathways users, no prior experience necessary!

  • When: Thursday and Friday, Oct 24-25, 2013

Below a list of tasks we need your help with.


Curation event notes



Suggested tasks

See google doc for details

  • DataNodes and Interactions (output of tag bot; Tina will link)
  • Add pathways from OA papers (Alex)
  • Initial cleanup of Rat (167 pathways) and Yeast (129 pathways). Details in the Google doc above.
  • Link to list for datanode xref that only have ID and Unknown with xrefs (KH, Tina)
  • Curate away some infrequently used and poorly defined interaction type (Andra)
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