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Upcoming Events

Feel free to join us in improving the WikiPathways content and propose a new event!

Past events

April 16 2015 ....Fixed unconnected lines in pathways

Feb 26 2015

Dec 4 2014 ...fixed gene and metabolite xrefs, and layouts

May 8-9 2014 ...add state information, add interaction xrefs, curate NeedsWork, create pathways from wishilist, fix interactions

Oct 24-25 2013 ...fix interactions, update xrefs, create pathways from Open Access pubs, clean up interaction types

July 11-12 2013 ...add ontology tags, fix interactions, curate pathway titles, update curation tags

October 6-7 2011 ...add ontology tags, fix groups/complexes, update xrefs, fix interactions, add literature refs and descriptions

September 23-24 2010 ...add pathway datanodes, add new cellular compartments, update xrefs, add literature refs and descriptions

February 11-12 2010 ...add descriptions, add literature refs, update datanode xrefs, fix interactions, update curation tags

May 19-23 2009 stacked datanodes, format labels, convert labels to datanodes, fix interactions

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