April 16 2015

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Join us for a curation jamboree!

We are organizing our next curation event to improve the quality and extent of our pathways. Curation events are open to all registered WikiPathways users, no prior experience necessary!

Suggested tasks

  • Fixing unconnected lines in pathways


  • fixed unconnected lines in the following pathways:

WP1061, WP143, WP1620, WP2853, WP2624, WP2620, WP2005, WP254, WP2571, WP2004, WP2604, WP697, WP1264, WP1302, WP2909, WP1307, WP1493, WP1461, WP490, WP124, WP1771, WP139, WP515, WP167, WP2588, WP1498, WP1423, WP2345


Martina Summer-Kutmon

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