Abscisic acid biosynthesis (WP626)

Arabidopsis thaliana

Abscisic acid (ABA), also known as ''abscisin II'' and ''dormin'', is a [[wikipedia:plant hormone|plant hormone]]. ABA functions in many plant developmental processes, including bud [[wikipedia:dormancy|dormancy]]. Source: [[wikipedia:Abscisic_acid|Wikipedia]]
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Philip Zimmermann , Thomas Kelder , Kristina Hanspers , Martina Summer-Kutmon , and Eric Weitz

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Arabidopsis thaliana



Pathway Ontology: abscisic acid biosynthetic pathway


Label Type Compact Identifier Comment
Neoxanthin Metabolite chebi:32446
Violaxanthin Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0003101
ABA Metabolite chebi:22152
ABA-aldehyde Metabolite chebi:31157
Antheraxanthin Metabolite cas:640-03-9
Xanthoxin Metabolite chebi:32304
Zeaxanthin epoxidase GeneProduct :AT5G67030-TAIR-G
Xanthoxin oxidase GeneProduct :AT1G52340-TAIR-G
Neoxanthin synthase GeneProduct ncbigene:843028
ABA-aldehyde oxidase GeneProduct :AT2G27150-TAIR-G
Neoxanthin cleavage enzyme GeneProduct :AT3G14440-TAIR-G


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