Kisspeptin/kisspeptin receptor system in the ovary (WP4871)

Homo sapiens

The signalling pathway of the kisspeptin/kisspeptin receptor interaction in the ovary, including its effects on follicular development, oocyte maturation, ovulation, and steroidogenesis.
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Margit Janssen , Friederike Ehrhart , Egon Willighagen , and Eric Weitz

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Homo sapiens


Rare Diseases


Pathway Ontology: nuclear factor kappa B signaling pathway peptide and protein hormone signaling pathway G protein mediated signaling pathway sex steroids signaling pathway protein kinase C (PKC) signaling pathway

Disease Ontology: female reproductive system disease ovarian disease


Label Type Compact Identifier Comment
NKB Metabolite wikidata:Q412604
DAG Metabolite chebi:18035
PIP2 Metabolite chebi:18348
PIP3 Metabolite chebi:16618
progesterone Metabolite chebi:17026
Ca2+ Metabolite chebi:29108
IP3 Metabolite chebi:16595
PRKCD GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000163932
PLCB2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000137841
PRKCE GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000171132
MMP9 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000100985
HSD3B1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000203857
PIK3CD GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000171608
GDF9 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000164404
STAR GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000147465
HRAS GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000174775
BMP15 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000130385
PIK3CB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000051382
PRKCQ GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000065675
PRKCB GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000166501
AKT1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000142208
PLCB1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000182621
NFKB1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000109320
MAP2K1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000169032
RAF1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000132155
CYP11A1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000140459
AMH GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000104899
PLCB4 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000101333
PRKCA GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000154229
MAP2K2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000126934
PRKCH GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000027075
KISS1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000170498
FSHR GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000170820
NRAS GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000213281
ARRB1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000137486
PDK1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000152256
KRAS GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000133703
PRKCG GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000126583
MAPK3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000102882
AKT2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000105221
PLCB3 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000149782
ARRB2 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000141480
KISS1R GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000116014
MAPK1 GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000100030
PIK3CA GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000121879
PIK3CG GeneProduct ensembl:ENSG00000105851


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