Mitochondrial gene expression (WP391)

Homo sapiens

Numerous nuclear-encoded genes co-ordinate the expression of genes encoded on the mitochondrial genome.
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Dan Fornika , Martijn Van Iersel , Thomas Kelder , Kristina Hanspers , Daniela Digles , and Eric Weitz

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Homo sapiens



Pathway Ontology: mitochondrial transcription pathway


Label Type Compact Identifier Comment
cGMP Metabolite pubchem.compound:24316
cAMP Metabolite hmdb:HMDB0000058
Ca2+ Metabolite pubchem.compound:271
TFAM Protein ncbigene:7019
HCFC1 Protein ncbigene:3054
TFB1M Protein ncbigene:51106
TFB2M Protein ncbigene:64216
PPRC1 Protein ncbigene:23082
MTERFD1 Protein ncbigene:51001
MTERF Protein ncbigene:7978
GABPA Protein ncbigene:2551
POLRMT Protein ncbigene:5442
ESRRA Protein ncbigene:2101
NRF1 Protein ncbigene:4899
GABPB2 Protein ncbigene:2553
SP1 Protein ncbigene:6667
PPARGC1A Protein ncbigene:10891
PPARGC1B Protein ncbigene:133522
MYEF2 Protein ncbigene:50804
CAMK4 Protein ncbigene:814
CREB1 Protein ncbigene:1385
PPP3CA Protein ncbigene:5530 Type your comment here


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