Sandbox Pathway (Homo sapiens)

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Sandbox pathway for testing.



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External references

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
MYLK2GeneProduct85366 (Entrez Gene) KML2 MOUSE
ATP2A2GeneProduct488 (Entrez Gene)
OXTGeneProduct5020 (Entrez Gene) MGI:97453
PDE4DGeneProduct5144 (Entrez Gene)
ACTBGeneProduct60 (Entrez Gene)
ADMRGeneProduct11318 (Entrez Gene)
ABCA1GeneProductENSG00000165029 (Ensembl Human)
RCP9GeneProduct27297 (Entrez Gene)
p53R2GeneProduct50484 (Entrez Gene)
EZH2GeneProduct2146 (Entrez Gene)
ADPMetabolite58-64-0 (CAS)
ADH1AGeneProduct249 (HUGO)
GSTO1GeneProduct9446 (Entrez Gene)
CACNB3GeneProduct784 (Entrez Gene)
CMKOR1GeneProduct57007 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 10614663
GUCA2BGeneProduct2981 (Entrez Gene)
LGR7GeneProduct59350 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 11809971
AKAP10GeneProduct11216 (Entrez Gene)
GNAQGeneProduct2776 (Entrez Gene)
ATP2A3GeneProduct489 (Entrez Gene)
CORIN2GeneProduct10699 (Entrez Gene) MGI:97367
OXTRGeneProduct5021 (Entrez Gene)
NOS1GeneProduct4842 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 11854458
DGKZGeneProduct8525 (Entrez Gene)
NOS3GeneProduct4846 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 11854458
Cyclic GMPMetaboliteHMDB01314 (HMDB)
ACTA2GeneProduct59 (Entrez Gene)
Cyclic AMPMetaboliteHMDB00058 (HMDB)
CALCAGeneProduct796 (Entrez Gene) CRF HUMAN PMID: 11854458
GNASGeneProduct2778 (Entrez Gene)
LGR8GeneProduct122042 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 11809971 LGR8 MOUSE
CRHR1GeneProduct1394 (Entrez Gene)
RLN1GeneProduct6013 (Entrez Gene)
ACTCGeneProduct70 (Entrez Gene)
GUCA2AGeneProduct2980 (Entrez Gene)
CNN1GeneProduct1264 (Entrez Gene)
SLC8A1GeneProduct6546 (Entrez Gene)
GUCY1A3GeneProductENSG00000164116 (Ensembl Human) PMID: 11854458
ATPMetabolite1927-31-7 (CAS)
Grouped item 1GeneProduct
ADMMetabolite133 (ChEBI)
PDE4BGeneProduct5142 (Entrez Gene)
EDG2GeneProduct1902 (Entrez Gene)
Grouped item 3GeneProduct
GUCY2EGeneProduct2985 (Entrez Gene) PMID: 11854458
CRHGeneProduct1392 (Entrez Gene) CRF HUMAN PMID: 11854458
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