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I hereby elect to apply CC0 to all my contributions to WikiPathways.

Research Interest

I am inserted in developing tools for analyzing Renal Genomic Data.

Many digital platforms have collections of curated pathways publicly available for analysis. However, most of these pathways lack tissue/cell specificity which limits their usefulness in highly differentiated tissues.

The Renal Genomics Portal at Wikipathways was created to facilitate access of renal researchers to a collection of renal-related/specific pathways. Crowd contributions by renal physiologists and clinicians to further develop these pathways and to create similar ones would provide a powerful and freely-available tool to expand renal genomic research.

Main Contributions

Renal Genomics Portal

About Me

  • Name: Agustin Gonzalez-Vicente
  • Work: Case Western Reserve University
  • Location: Cleveland OH
  • Professional Interests: Systems Biology, Renal Genomics, Epithelial Transport, Salt-sensitive Hypertension.
  • Contact:
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