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iD This user has the ORCID identifier:


For users with an ORCID identifier.

ORCIDs (Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifiers) disambiguate people - like an ISBN or DOI, but for humans.

Any editor may register, free, for an ORCID identifier, at the ORCID website.

The template has one parameter, which takes a hyphenated, 16-digit identifier, thus:

{{User ORCID|0000-0001-5882-6823}}

Go to your user page, which you can access by clicking your name at the top of any WikiPathways web page, edit the page and copy and paste this blank at the top. Then add your own ORCID id.

{{User ORCID|}}

This template adds pages to Category:Users with ORCID identifiers.

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