Parkin-Ubiquitin Proteasomal System pathway (Homo sapiens)

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This pathway describes the Parkin-Ubiquitin proteasome degradation system.

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  1. Smith SB, Dampier W, Tozeren A, Brown JR, Magid-Slav M; ''Identification of common biological pathways and drug targets across multiple respiratory viruses based on human host gene expression analysis.''; PLoS One, 2012 PubMed


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
Alpha-synucleinGeneProduct6622 (Entrez Gene)
CASKGeneProduct8573 (Entrez Gene)
CHIPGeneProduct10273 (Entrez Gene)
Caspase-1GeneProduct834 (Entrez Gene)
Caspase-8GeneProduct841 (Entrez Gene)
Cullin 1GeneProduct8454 (Entrez Gene)
Cyclin EGeneProduct898 (Entrez Gene)
DORFINGeneProduct25897 (Entrez Gene)
FBXW7GeneProduct55294 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA14GeneProduct51182 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA1AGeneProduct3303 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA1BGeneProduct3304 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA1LGeneProduct3305 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA2GeneProduct3306 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA4GeneProduct3308 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA5GeneProduct3309 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA6GeneProduct3310 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA7GeneProductENSG00000225217 (Ensembl)
HSPA8GeneProduct3312 (Entrez Gene)
HSPA9GeneProduct3313 (Entrez Gene)
PAELRGeneProduct2861 (Entrez Gene)
PSMC1GeneProduct5700 (Entrez Gene)
PSMC2GeneProduct5701 (Entrez Gene)
PSMC3GeneProduct5702 (Entrez Gene)
PSMC4GeneProduct5704 (Entrez Gene)
PSMC5GeneProduct5705 (Entrez Gene)
PSMC6GeneProduct5706 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD10GeneProduct5716 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD11GeneProduct5717 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD12GeneProduct5718 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD13GeneProduct5719 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD14GeneProduct10213 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD1GeneProduct5707 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD2GeneProduct5708 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD3GeneProduct5709 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD4GeneProduct5710 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD5GeneProduct5711 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD6GeneProduct9861 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD7GeneProduct5713 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD8GeneProduct5714 (Entrez Gene)
PSMD9GeneProduct5715 (Entrez Gene)
ParkinGeneProduct5071 (Entrez Gene)
Proteasomal DegradationPathwayWP183 (WikiPathways)
SIAH1GeneProduct6477 (Entrez Gene)
SIAH2GeneProduct6478 (Entrez Gene)
Septin 5GeneProduct5413 (Entrez Gene)
Synphilin 1GeneProduct9627 (Entrez Gene)
TUBA1AGeneProduct7846 (Entrez Gene)
TUBA1BGeneProduct10376 (Entrez Gene)
TUBA1CGeneProduct84790 (Entrez Gene)
TUBA3CGeneProduct7278 (Entrez Gene)
TUBA3DGeneProduct113457 (Entrez Gene)
TUBA3EGeneProduct112714 (Entrez Gene)
TUBA4AGeneProduct7277 (Entrez Gene)
TUBA4BGeneProductENSG00000243910 (Ensembl)
TUBA8GeneProduct51807 (Entrez Gene)
TUBAL3GeneProduct79861 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB1GeneProduct81027 (Entrez Gene)
TUBBGeneProduct203068 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB2AGeneProduct7280 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB2BGeneProduct347733 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB2CGeneProduct10383 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB3GeneProduct10381 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB4GeneProduct10382 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB4QGeneProduct56604 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB6GeneProduct84617 (Entrez Gene)
TUBB8GeneProduct347688 (Entrez Gene)
UBCH7GeneProduct7332 (Entrez Gene)
UBCH8GeneProduct9246 (Entrez Gene)
UBE1GeneProduct7317 (Entrez Gene)
UBE2G1GeneProduct7326 (Entrez Gene)
UBE2G2GeneProduct7327 (Entrez Gene)
UBE2J1GeneProduct51465 (Entrez Gene)
UBE2J2GeneProduct118424 (Entrez Gene)

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