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This pathway displays current genes, proteolytic events and other processes associated with the progression of Alzheimer's disease. This pathway was adapted from KEGG on 10/7/2011. Note: mitochondrial associated genes Cx I through Cx V are not currently included, as these correspond to over a hundred distinct factors. See below source URL for more information. Source: KEGG (


Adapted from KEGG

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External references

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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
MIR708Rna100126333 (Entrez Gene)
APPBP1GeneProductENSG00000159593 (Ensembl)
CDK5GeneProductENSG00000164885 (Ensembl)
ApoptosisPathwayWP254 (WikiPathways)
MIR671Rna768213 (Entrez Gene)
Oxidative PhosphorylationPathwayWP623 (WikiPathways)
MIR136Rna406927 (Entrez Gene)
Modulation of gene expressionPathwayWP1821 (WikiPathways)
MIR329-1Rna574408 (Entrez Gene)
Induction of ApoptosisPathwayWP1896 (WikiPathways)
ITPR1GeneProductENSG00000150995 (Ensembl)
IP3MetaboliteHMDB01498 (HMDB)
MIR199BRna406978 (Entrez Gene)
CalciumMetaboliteHMDB00464 (HMDB)
MIR488Rna574441 (Entrez Gene)
IronMetaboliteHMDB00692 (HMDB)
MIR9-1Rna407046 (Entrez Gene)
CopperMetaboliteHMDB00657 (HMDB)
MIR1307Rna100302174 (Entrez Gene)
Hydrogen peroxideMetaboliteHMDB03125 (HMDB)
MIR29CGeneProduct407026 (Entrez Gene)
Calcium Signaling PathwayPathway
CAPN2GeneProductENSG00000162909 (Ensembl)
Protein oxidationPathway
DNA damagePathway
NOMetaboliteHMDB03378 (HMDB)
MIR181DRna574457 (Entrez Gene)
MIR101GeneProductENSG00000199135 (Ensembl)
MIR127Rna406914 (Entrez Gene)
APBB1GeneProductENSG00000166313 (Ensembl)
MIR181B2Rna406956 (Entrez Gene)
GAPDHGeneProductENSG00000111640 (Ensembl)
MIR129-2Rna406918 (Entrez Gene)
ADAM10GeneProductENSG00000137845 (Ensembl)
MIR377Rna494326 (Entrez Gene)
BACE1GeneProductENSG00000186318 (Ensembl)
MIR410Rna574434 (Entrez Gene)
PSENENGeneProductENSG00000205155 (Ensembl)
MIR135A1Rna406925 (Entrez Gene)
PSEN1GeneProductENSG00000080815 (Ensembl)
MIR3176Rna100423037 (Entrez Gene)
NCSTNGeneProductENSG00000162736 (Ensembl)
ERN1GeneProductENSG00000178607 (Ensembl)
APH1AGeneProductENSG00000117362 (Ensembl)
ITPR3GeneProductENSG00000096433 (Ensembl)
IDEGeneProductENSG00000119912 (Ensembl)
CDK5R1GeneProductENSG00000176749 (Ensembl)
MMEGeneProductENSG00000196549 (Ensembl)
GSK3BGeneProductENSG00000082701 (Ensembl)
LPLGeneProductENSG00000175445 (Ensembl)
Lipid peroxidationPathwayWP1878 (WikiPathways)
APOEGeneProductENSG00000130203 (Ensembl)
MIR181B1Rna406955 (Entrez Gene)
LRP1GeneProductENSG00000123384 (Ensembl)
MIR760Rna100126348 (Entrez Gene)
FASGeneProductENSG00000026103 (Ensembl)
MIR598Rna693183 (Entrez Gene)
TNFRSF1AGeneProductENSG00000067182 (Ensembl)
MIR101-1Rna406893 (Entrez Gene)
FADDGeneProductENSG00000168040 (Ensembl)
MIR769Rna768217 (Entrez Gene)
CASP8GeneProductENSG00000064012 (Ensembl)
MIR218-2Rna407001 (Entrez Gene)
Cx IGeneProduct
MIR873Rna100126316 (Entrez Gene)
Cx IIGeneProduct
MIR3200Rna100422912 (Entrez Gene)
Cx IIIGeneProduct
MIR9-3Rna407051 (Entrez Gene)
Cx IVGeneProduct
MIR323ARna442897 (Entrez Gene)
Cx VGeneProduct
MIR10ARna406902 (Entrez Gene)
APP processingPathway
MIR22Rna407004 (Entrez Gene)
HSD17B10GeneProductENSG00000072506 (Ensembl)
MIR887Rna100126347 (Entrez Gene)
BIDGeneProductENSG00000015475 (Ensembl)
MIR30C2Rna407032 (Entrez Gene)
CYCSGeneProductENSG00000172115 (Ensembl)
MIR1285-2Rna100302268 (Entrez Gene)
CALM1GeneProductENSG00000198668 (Ensembl)
MIR29AGeneProduct407021 (Entrez Gene)
CHPGeneProduct11261 (Entrez Gene)
APPGeneProductENSG00000142192 (Ensembl)
BADGeneProductENSG00000002330 (Ensembl)
ATF6GeneProductENSG00000118217 (Ensembl)
CALM2GeneProductENSG00000143933 (Ensembl)
ITPR2GeneProductENSG00000123104 (Ensembl)
CALM3GeneProductENSG00000160014 (Ensembl)
CAPN1GeneProductENSG00000014216 (Ensembl)
CALML3GeneProductENSG00000178363 (Ensembl)
TP53GeneProductENSG00000141510 (Ensembl)
CALML5GeneProductENSG00000178372 (Ensembl)
NOS1GeneProductENSG00000089250 (Ensembl)
PPP3CAGeneProductENSG00000138814 (Ensembl)
TAUGeneProductENSG00000186868 (Ensembl)
PPP3CBGeneProductENSG00000107758 (Ensembl)
CASP7GeneProductENSG00000165806 (Ensembl)
PPP3CCGeneProductENSG00000120910 (Ensembl)
InflammationPathwayWP453 (WikiPathways)
PPP3R1GeneProductENSG00000221823 (Ensembl)
ONOO-MetaboliteHMDB02179 (HMDB)
PPP3R2GeneProductENSG00000188386 (Ensembl)
MIR381Rna494330 (Entrez Gene)
CHP2GeneProduct63928 (Entrez Gene)
MIR124-2Rna406908 (Entrez Gene)
ADAM17GeneProductENSG00000151694 (Ensembl)
MIR124-1Rna406907 (Entrez Gene)
PSEN2GeneProductENSG00000143801 (Ensembl)
MIR184Rna406960 (Entrez Gene)
APAF1GeneProductENSG00000120868 (Ensembl)
MIR181A1Rna406995 (Entrez Gene)
CASP9GeneProductENSG00000132906 (Ensembl)
MIR181A2Rna406954 (Entrez Gene)
CASP3GeneProductENSG00000164305 (Ensembl)
MIR34BRna407041 (Entrez Gene)
SNCAGeneProductENSG00000145335 (Ensembl)
MIR95Rna407052 (Entrez Gene)
MIR138-2Rna406930 (Entrez Gene)
GRIN1GeneProductENSG00000176884 (Ensembl)
MIR218-1Rna407000 (Entrez Gene)
CACNA1CGeneProductENSG00000151067 (Ensembl)
MIR138-1Rna406929 (Entrez Gene)
GRIN2AGeneProductENSG00000183454 (Ensembl)
MIR495Rna574453 (Entrez Gene)
GRIN2BGeneProductENSG00000150086 (Ensembl)
MIR874Rna100126343 (Entrez Gene)
GRIN2CGeneProductENSG00000161509 (Ensembl)
MIR129-1Rna406917 (Entrez Gene)
GRIN2DGeneProductENSG00000105464 (Ensembl)
MIR139Rna406931 (Entrez Gene)
CACNA1DGeneProductENSG00000157388 (Ensembl)
MIR431Rna574038 (Entrez Gene)
CACNA1FGeneProductENSG00000102001 (Ensembl)
MIR9-2Rna407047 (Entrez Gene)
CACNA1SGeneProductENSG00000081248 (Ensembl)
MIR326Rna442900 (Entrez Gene)
GNAQGeneProductENSG00000156052 (Ensembl)
MIR433Rna574034 (Entrez Gene)
PLCB1GeneProductENSG00000182621 (Ensembl)
MIR134Rna406924 (Entrez Gene)
PLCB2GeneProductENSG00000137841 (Ensembl)
MIR329-2Rna574409 (Entrez Gene)
PLCB3GeneProductENSG00000149782 (Ensembl)
MIR33BRna693120 (Entrez Gene)
PLCB4GeneProductENSG00000101333 (Ensembl)
MIR219-2Rna407003 (Entrez Gene)
TNFGeneProductENSG00000232810 (Ensembl)
MIR125B1Rna406911 (Entrez Gene)
IL1BGeneProductENSG00000125538 (Ensembl)
MIR34CRna407042 (Entrez Gene)
MAPK1GeneProductENSG00000100030 (Ensembl)
MIR182Rna406958 (Entrez Gene)
MAPK3GeneProductENSG00000102882 (Ensembl)
MIR135A2Rna406926 (Entrez Gene)
CASP12GeneProductENSG00000204403 (Ensembl)
MIR125ARna406910 (Entrez Gene)
RYR3GeneProductENSG00000198838 (Ensembl)
MIR21Rna406991 (Entrez Gene)
ATP2A2GeneProductENSG00000174437 (Ensembl)
MIR375Rna494324 (Entrez Gene)
ATP2A1GeneProductENSG00000196296 (Ensembl)
MIR124-3Rna406909 (Entrez Gene)
ATP2A3GeneProductENSG00000074370 (Ensembl)
MIR29B1GeneProduct407024 (Entrez Gene)
EIF2AK3GeneProductENSG00000172071 (Ensembl)
MIR132GeneProduct406921 (Entrez Gene)
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